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Pulp mold is used to cushion or support a product, the preventing damage, which can be divided into variety styles, according to the needs and suitability of the product also the beautiful designed, more attractive to the product.


The useful of pulp mold or pulp molding, it is a shockproof or support product inside to prevent damage. Pulp molds made from recycled paper to reduce the use of plastic, help with biodegradation through the production process, safe and environmentally friendly. Currently, pulp mold products or shockproof materials, the main purpose of the application is used in protective the product from shock or vibration problems during movement in the transportation process. And in business, pulp mold is used as a substitute for other shockproof materials such as Corrugated Boxes, Foam, Sawdust, Hairline Paper, etc. to reduce loss or damage to the product, and also reduce natural problems. In addition, the pulp mold production is designed and used either as shockproof or as a packaging.